adorkable hen

lovable loser


Boy meets boy.

Sitting in concrete treehouses. Eclipsed by blossoming magnolia. All the stars had fallen into his eyes. Mesmerizing. Meteor-esque, darting amber globes fill the space. Gently untangling shoe laces. Furrowed brows and anxious smiles. Words failing. Hearts pounding. Butterflies overflowing. Unsteady hands interlocking. Diapered fairies impatiently strike with toothpick crossbows. The chemicals stockpile. Pulsating through my veins. Inaudible whispers. Hormonally-charged. Strawberry-stained lips. Bubblegum tongue. Delicate teenage flesh. Intertwined.

Floating homes. Underground skyscrapers. Pathologically-organized aquariums. Glossy glass panels. Disposable nano devices. Virtual realities. Automated butlers and outer-space jet packs.  Nap time loopholes and wall projector re-runs. Solar-puffed quinoa and zero-calorie butter. Photoshopping palm trees into holographic polaroids. Wandering around the endless artificial maze. Sunshine-starved, deliciously-sweaty central park runner. Drench me in your scent. Playing strip Mario Kart. Squirt-gunning top-shelf into peppermint mouths. Nude beach watercoloring. Swathed in banana sun cream. Sweltering under straw canopies. Samurai sliced coconuts. Coral reef diving into rainbow goldfish. Floral-shaped gelato melting down to your fingers. Sticky neapolitan kisses. Glowing carousels. Kaleidoscope nights.

Shirt: Scotch & Soda

Pants: Club Monaco

Shoes: Comme des Garçons

Sunglasses: Blanc & Eclare

Photography: Joshua Avon