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comfy creature


Sunlight fell through the foreign green, radiating warm fractals as they nestled atop my skin. Racing golf karts to the edge of the cliff. Topaz blues calling my name. Begging. Pulling me in. Plunging deliriously. Restless sharks and devious jellyfish. Imaginary pressure. Dreamy figments plague underwater adventures. Timid waves brush up against glass bungalows overlooking fluorescent city lights. Pillow forts made out of goose feathers. Bundled-up like cinnamon rolls, oozing a sticky sweet, billowing with spiced steam. Parachuting into sherbet colored skies. Hopping down on clouds of fairy floss. Teleporting to coffee shops. Intravenous expresso shots. Spiraling into a perpetual state of caffeination.

Hello, Stranger. Tasteful winks and sexy smirks. Another cyberspace rendezvous. Well-bred yet untamed. Uncomfortably handsome. Pretty eyes and perfect jawline—minus the oversized ego. Control-freak tendencies and psychotic babble come out to play. Sober lies and awkward silences. Handful of french fries. Fizzy swigs of Dom Pérignon. Wild stares, raging pheromones, (not-so-innocent) wandering hands, staggering breaths. Tipsy kisses. Can’t stop. Breaking bubbles. Sharing spaces. Drowning, overdosing on his oxygen. Just tonight. Devour me. Unravel. Memorize. Detonate.

Mid-afternoon yawns. Puzzle-shaped bodies. Cashmere cuddles. Penthouse views. Finding peace among the overcrowded and overrated. Japanese gardens full of bonsai trees. Brewing unsweetened tea. Cherry blossom petals floating in puddles of leftover rain. Paper lanterns fill the moody void with rosy love stories. New games. Curious desires. Teenage emotions.

Bomber Jacket: Vintage

Shirt: Vintage

Pants: Calvin Klein

Earmuffs: Moncler

Photography: Kayleen Jobeth

Sweater: Alexander Wang

Shirt: Club Monaco

Shorts: Club Monaco

Shoes: Acne Studios

Photography: Joshua Avon

gentle runaway


And before you know it, exams strike.

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP—the alarm clock goes off. It reads 6:30AM. I’ve never smashed the snooze button so fast in my entire life. Left inarguably-aggravated, perturbingly-aroused, and slightly-offended at my decision in setting the phone to max volume. Annoyed, but it worked. I’m up—kinda. Just can’t physically get out of bed. Marshmallow soft. Warm like hot cocoa (digs head into pillow). Heavy eyelids. So comfy. Won’t move. Then the alarm starts going off again. Louder than ever. Blaring. Crippling my thoughts. Assaulting my ears. A bitter rejuvenation. I’m awake now.

Damn. It’s early. Too early. Woke up mid-REM. Lingering in dreamland. Still fuzzy. Post-coffee, I realize I desperately need to finish studying. Cue the cathartic lies and self-deprecating humor. Nothing can save me now.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse—with all the stress and distractions I forgot about the exam. Doors close in ten. Tick tock. I drop everything and run out the door. It’s dark and dreary. Stale and deserted. Fog-filled. Thick and eerie. A graveyard of undergraduates. Fashion terrorists. Just crawled out of their beds. Eyes bloodshot. Toothpaste and drool stains. Unresponsive. Barely alive. Emotionally-detached. Unhinged. Heavily-caffeinated and sleep-deprived. I’ll blend right in.

Cardigan: Club Monaco (similar here)

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Club Monaco

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)

Photographer: Sarah Y

hello adorkable


Autumn outfit inspiration and staying warmHello everyone! My name is Henry and welcome to Adorkable Hen. I am a (newly) 20-year-old fashion-obsessed, tea-drinking, food-loving, Jersey native. On my blog, you’ll find me struggling to pose in outfits and stuffing my face with just about anything sweet (or fattening).

image-11-29-16-at-12-10-am-1My love for fashion began as a child. I remember having so much fun playing around in my mom’s closet–trying anything and everything on. I ended up looking like a clothing monster with random jackets and accessories draped all over (if I can find a picture I’ll insert it). I guess it stuck with me. And now, my own personal style emulates that almost-silly (yet wearable), kid-like charm. A unique mixture of adorable and dorky. I hope this blog inspires you to live a little more creatively.

Urban vibes and clean, classic outfitsWith the city as my backdrop, I pulled together a reasonably-warm outfit for a milder autumn day. This denim, shearling-lined jacket is layerable and gives the look a slightly vintage feel. The super-soft cozy details pair perfectly with neutrals. I’m wearing a white button down with cream trousers and milky-canvas shoes with hearts on them (for something a bit cutesy).Light denim wash jacket and white button upsShearling Denim light-wash Jacket by Zara paired with comm des garçons shoesJacket: Zara (similar here + here)

Shirt: Club Monaco (similar here)

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)

Photography: Kyle Studstill