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pastel invasion


I. Love. Cotton Candy. Any size, anytime, anywhere. Sugar spun intricately into fluffy clouds, laced with an array of delicate hues, instantly melting on the tongue. It’s deliciously-irresistible. Now if you know me in real life, you’ll know my cravings are anything but normal. And because I deeply miss summer and absolutely despise the painful, perpetually-annoying blasts of wind indulging in target practice with my face—I’ve been suffering from a serious case of withdrawal. Luckily (for me), the city is creeping and crawling with sugar-inducing-coma gold mines.

In rebellion against winter’s frigid approach, I’ve channeled the sugary-sweet vibes into an outfit fit for color-enthusiasts and cooler temperatures. I personally adore color, especially pastels. There’s just something incredibly-charming about the softer, simmered-down versions. I honestly wear them all the time–regardless of the season. But that’s just me.

On the gorgeous streets of soho, wearing soft pastel hues of pink and blueI know what you’re thinking. This outfit is adorable, right? (At least, I hope so). On top, I’m wearing this almost bubblegum pink button-down. To shake things up, I went with powder blue trousers for an intense pastel explosion. Despite bathing in the warm sun, it was pretty chilly. By throwing on the grey cashmere sweater, I stayed relatively cozy–adding a subtle preppy touch and refines the look up a bit. I, of course, had to finish everything off with my favorite pair of shoes embossed with the signature red heart.A close-up shot of my favorite pastel lookCotton candy and harajuku inspired, this look is playful and freshSweater: Ralph Lauren (similar here + here)

Shirt: Alex Mill (similar here + here)

Pants: Club Monaco (similar here + here)

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)
As it gets colder, I like to introduce color into my wardrobe for some fun and spice. If color is not your thing, then I suggest incorporating smaller pieces into your outfitsAnd for those who aren’t ready to commit to full, peacock-mode–but are ready to explore the wonderful world of color–start by collecting small pieces and incorporating them into your daily outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t stress too much about coordinating.Color may not be everyone's cup of tea, but by adding small touches of color to an outfit it really transforms a boring, basic outfit into something special.In this second look, I dialed down the color to a neutral-friendly palette, with the exception of a few small details. As a base, I’ve rolled up the sleeves of and tucked in a thick, cotton button-down into pearl-grey trousers. I wrapped a slinky, baby blue sweater around my waist to help redefine my shape. For an adorkable flare, I used a tiny silk scarf and tied it around my forehead. The little details may not seem like much at first, but they definitely give an overall freshness and playfulness to any outfit.Crack out some of your spring and summer favorites and play around with them in your fall/winter wardrobe. Colors and light fabrics are wonderfulSweater: Club Monaco (similar here)

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Club Monaco (very similar here)

Scarf: Hermès (similar here)

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)

PhotographySelo Meqiku