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Autumn outfit inspiration and staying warmHello everyone! My name is Henry and welcome to Adorkable Hen. I am a (newly) 20-year-old fashion-obsessed, tea-drinking, food-loving, Jersey native. On my blog, you’ll find me struggling to pose in outfits and stuffing my face with just about anything sweet (or fattening).

image-11-29-16-at-12-10-am-1My love for fashion began as a child. I remember having so much fun playing around in my mom’s closet–trying anything and everything on. I ended up looking like a clothing monster with random jackets and accessories draped all over (if I can find a picture I’ll insert it). I guess it stuck with me. And now, my own personal style emulates that almost-silly (yet wearable), kid-like charm. A unique mixture of adorable and dorky. I hope this blog inspires you to live a little more creatively.

Urban vibes and clean, classic outfitsWith the city as my backdrop, I pulled together a reasonably-warm outfit for a milder autumn day. This denim, shearling-lined jacket is layerable and gives the look a slightly vintage feel. The super-soft cozy details pair perfectly with neutrals. I’m wearing a white button down with cream trousers and milky-canvas shoes with hearts on them (for something a bit cutesy).Light denim wash jacket and white button upsShearling Denim light-wash Jacket by Zara paired with comm des garçons shoesJacket: Zara (similar here + here)

Shirt: Club Monaco (similar here)

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)

Photography: Kyle Studstill

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  36. Loving this look dear! The color palette is loooove. Perfect for Spring!


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