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pastel invasion


I. Love. Cotton Candy. Any size, anytime, anywhere. Sugar spun intricately into fluffy clouds, laced with an array of delicate hues, instantly melting on the tongue. It’s deliciously-irresistible. Now if you know me in real life, you’ll know my cravings are anything but normal. And because I deeply miss summer and absolutely despise the painful, perpetually-annoying blasts of wind indulging in target practice with my face—I’ve been suffering from a serious case of withdrawal. Luckily (for me), the city is creeping and crawling with sugar-inducing-coma gold mines.

In rebellion against winter’s frigid approach, I’ve channeled the sugary-sweet vibes into an outfit fit for color-enthusiasts and cooler temperatures. I personally adore color, especially pastels. There’s just something incredibly-charming about the softer, simmered-down versions. I honestly wear them all the time–regardless of the season. But that’s just me.On the gorgeous streets of soho, wearing soft pastel hues of pink and blueA close-up shot of my favorite pastel lookCotton candy and harajuku inspired, this look is playful and freshSweater: Ralph Lauren

Shirt: Alex Mill

Pants: Club Monaco

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)
As it gets colder, I like to introduce color into my wardrobe for some fun and spice. If color is not your thing, then I suggest incorporating smaller pieces into your outfitsColor may not be everyone's cup of tea, but by adding small touches of color to an outfit it really transforms a boring, basic outfit into something special.Crack out some of your spring and summer favorites and play around with them in your fall/winter wardrobe. Colors and light fabrics are wonderfulSweater: Club Monaco

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Club Monaco

Scarf: Hermès (similar here)

Shoes: Comme des Garçons (similar here)

Photography: Selo Meqiku

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  43. Got to love pastels! This is gorgeous!

    Layla xx

  44. Aw thank you so much<3

  45. You look amazing! Love your outfit so much! xo

  46. Thank you so much Aliona<3 Yes, I'll definitely check out your lookbook!

  47. Love your blog. Please check out my winter lookbook!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

    Twitter @alionawithlove

  48. You are so sweet Elise! Thank you very much!<3

  49. Your style is amazing! Totally obsessed with this outfit.


  50. Thank you very much Jessica!

  51. Thank you for your kind words Eva! 🙂

  52. Aww thank you so much Atsuna! <3

  53. You look so clean and crisp in the pastel shades here. Loving the outfit.


  54. Beautiful styling! Lovely pictures!
    xxx, Eva

  55. Nice look! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

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